Command Arguments

The feature-code argument to vcpinfo, getvcp, and setvcp is a hexadecimal feature number, with or without a leading "0x", e.g.

# ddcutil getvcp 10
# ddcutil vcpinfo 0x10

The feature-group argument to vcpinfo and getvcp is a named collection of features.
The most useful are:

Name Description
KNOWN all feature codes known to ddcutil
SCAN scan all feature codes 0x00..0xff
COLOR color related features
PROFILE featuers saved by dumpvcp (subset of COLOR)

For example:

# ddcutil getvcp known

For a complete list of feature groups, use the --help option.

The new-value argument to setvcp is a decimal number in the range 0..255, or a single byte hex value. For example:

# ddcutil setvcp 10 50
# ddcutil setvcp 10 0x32