Python API

Proof of concept implementations exist using GObject introspection, SWIG, Cython, and CFFI. However, work on a Python API has been suspended. The following are old comments on the implementations.


Symbol names begin with "ddcs_" or "DDCS_" (for DDCutil Swig).

Generated files:

Normally installed to ${pkgexecdir}/dist-packages ??

Issue: Depending on $(prefix) value, make install will install these files to ... If installed to /usr/local... python will not mormally see these files. Directory ... must be added to the Python path. This can be done in one several ways:
- Modify PYTHONPATH globally. See generatd fragment src/swig/...
- Modify PYTHONPATH for a single Python invocation. See generated script src/swig/...
- Modify PTYHONPATH within a Python script. See commented out lines in sample script src/swig/

For a fuller discussion on modifying PYTHONPATH, see

GObject API

A vestigial proof of concept for implementing scripting language support using GObject instrospection remains in subidrectory src/gobject_api, pending removal from the source tree. Building this code is controlled by configuration options --enable-gobject-api and --enable-introspection. These options should be left disabled.