The C API is should be fairly stable. However, not all ddcutil facilities are exposed. The Python API is at proof of concept stage and is subject to major changes. Because these facilities are still in rapid development, library versioning has not yet been turned on.

If you are using the APIs, please contact ddcutil's author (rockowitz@minsoft.com>), both because your input on the API would be helpful and also so I can alert you of upcoming changes.


Symbol names begin with "ddca_" or "DDCA_" (for DDCutil Api).

Header files are located in the src/public directory. They are normally installed to /usr/include or /usr/local/include.

Implemented using shared library libddcutil.so.

Installation (make install, package install) installs a Package Config file (ddcutil.pc).

C API documentation:

  • The header files contain extensive documentation.
  • Sample client program src/sample_clinets/clmain.c. To build the sample client program,
    issue the command make check.
  • Doxygen generated documentation may exist. However, I think you'll find the comments in the header files sample code more informative.

configure options relating to the C API:

  • --enable-lib Build shared library. Required for API use.
  • --enable-doxygen Generate C API documentation using Doxygen (if it is installed). Note the are numerous options beginning with "--enable-doxygen-" to tailer Doxygen execution.
Option Function
--enable-lib Build shared library. Required for the C API
--enable-doxygen Generate C API documentation using Doxygen (if it is installed).

Note that there are numerous additional options beginning with "--enable-doxygen-" for tailoring Doxygen execution.

Python API

Symbol names begin with "ddcs_" or "DDCS_" (for DDCutil Swig).

Currently Python 2.7 only.

Generated files: - _ddc_swig.so - ddc_swig.py

Normally installed to ${pkgexecdir}/dist-packages ??

Issue: Depending on $(prefix) value, make install will install these files to ... If installed to /usr/local... python will not mormally see these files. Directory ... must be added to the Python path. This can be done in one several ways: - Modify PYTHONPATH globally. See generatd fragment src/swig/... - Modify PYTHONPATH for a single Python invocation. See generated script src/swig/... - Modify PTYHONPATH within a Python script. See commented out lines in sample script src/swig/test_swig.py

For a fuller discussion on modifying PYTHONPATH, see http://ask.xmodulo.com/change-syspath-pythonpath-python.html.

Vestigial GObject API

A vestigial proof of concept for impelmenting scripting language support using GObject instrospection remains in subidrectory src/gobject_api, pending removal from the source tree. Building this code is controlled by configuration options --enable-gobject-api and --enable-introspection. These options should be left disabled.