Command scs

Syntax: scs <display-selection-options>

Sends a DDC Save Current Settings request to the display, which saves the current monitor settings to the display's nonvolatile storage.

Some displays implement this request, others do not. (See the output of ddcutil capabilities.) Even for most that do, the command has no apparent effect.

However, the command is required when settomg a featuer value for at least some Iiyama monitors. Users of models PL2492H and PL2792Q have reported that setvcp commands do not actually change the value unless immediately followed by a scs command. In that case, the setvcp command should use the --noverify option. Otherwise, setvcp internally performs a getvcp operation to check that the new value has actually been set, but retrieves the old value because scs has not occurred.

For example:

$ setvcp 10 85             # verifcation fails, the value is unchanged
$ setvcp 10 85 --noverify
$ scs
$ getvcp 10                # works after scs