Prior Announcements


01 February 2017

Maintenance release.

  • Fixes a critical bug in release 0.7.1 where insufficient privileges on a /dev/i2c-n device causes program termination.
  • ddcutil interrogate always executes with --set-slave-address in effect
  • Minor improvements to ddcutil environment and ddcutil interrogate output
  • Minor improvements to ddcutil detect --verbose
  • Add explanations for additional errno values


27 January 2017

Release 0.7.1 is a maintenance release. There is no need to install it unless you are experiencing problems.

This release introduces the following features:

  • Command option --force-slave-address causes ddcutil to attempt to take control of slave addresses on the I2C bus even if they are in use by another driver. This may aid in certain situations where monitors on an I2C bus are not properly detected. See Instrumentation and Tuning)

For a complete list of changes and bug fixes, see Release Notes. Prior annoucnements can be found here.


03 January 2017

Release 0.7 introduces the following features:

  • C API, exposed by shared library libddcutil. See API.
  • A new command line option --mfg, allows for the 3 character manufaturer id found in the EDID to used as part of monitor selection.
  • The monitor feature and capabilities portion of interrogate is also exposed by the new probe command which explores the capabilities string and features found on a single monitor.

For details, see Release Notes. Prior annoucnements can be found here.

openSUSE Build Service packaging of release 0.7.0 is complete. Owing to Launchpad constraints, the PPA will not be correct until ddcutil's release is incremented, i.e. until release 0.7.1


21 November 2016

The most recent release of ddcutil is 0.6.1. This is a maintenance release and need not be installed unless you are experiencing problems. For details, see Release Notes.


01 October 2016

As of release 0.6, the name of this program changed from ddctool to ddcutil to avoid confusion with a commerical datacenter program also named ddctool.

The following are affected:

Object Old name New Name
Repository URL
Web site URL
Primary executable ddctool ddcutil
Shared library