Github Branch 0.4.0-dev

Requires from ddcutil 2.0.0-dev or later.

Added options:

  • --syslog <log level> controls what messages are written to the system log by ddcui and libddcutil. Valid levels are NEVER, ERROR, WARNING, NOTICE, INFO, and DEBUG. The default is NOTICE.

  • --noconfig, --disable-config-file. Do not obtain options from configuration file $HOME/.config/ddcutil/ddcutilrc.

  • --libopts "options". Passes an option string to the shared library. This string is appended to the libddcutil option string obtained from the ddcutil configuration file.

Several ddcui command line options existed to pass options to the shared library. These can now be passed using option --libopts. and have been eliminated:

  • --nousb
  • --trace
  • --trcfunc
  • --trcfile

Building ddcui:

cmake option DDCUTIL_PROJECT_DIR specifies the root directory of project ddcutil. This allows for building ddcui using the latest development version of libddcutil without having to install it.


cmake -D DDCUTIL_PROJECT_DIR=/my/ddcutil/project/dir