Miscellaneous Options

Option: --help

Displays command help, then terminates execution.

Option -hh

The number of command options have become voluminous. Option --help reports only those that are likely to be of interest to most users. If option --hh is specified, then all options recognized by the parser, including ones used for development and debugging, deprecated options that currently have no effect but which are recognized so as not to break existing scripts, and alternative option names.

Options: --enable-udf, --disable-udf

Enable or disable the user defined feature facility. The default is --enable-udf.

Option --mccs <vcp version>

Option --mccs forces the MCCS version number. It applies to commands vcpinfo, getvcp, setvcp, and dumpvcp. See documentation of the individual commands for details.

Option: --version

Displays ddcutil version information, then terminates execution.

Option: --settings

Report current option settings at the start of program execution.

Option: --noconfig

Do not process the configuration file.