Miscellaneous Options

Option: --force-slave-address

Per the DDC specification, ddcutil reads the EDID over an I2C bus using slave address x50, and performs DDC communication using slave address x37. Occasionally, communication cannot be established because these addresses are marked as busy. This option allows ddcutil to take control of those slave addresses, potentially impacting the other program. (Internally, ddcutil uses ioctl(I2C_SLAVE_FORCE) instead of ioctl(I2C_SLAVE).)

Option: --timeout-i2c-io

Causes (most) I2C read calls to eventually time out if they do not return. This has been implemented as a POSSIBLE way to address occasional reports of ddcutil locking up, with subsequent ddcutiil calls blocking behind it. it may become the default in future releases.

Options: --enable-udf, --disable-udf

Enable or disable the user defined feature facility. The default is --enable-udf.

Option --mccs <vcp version>

Option --mccs forces the MCCS version number. It applies to commands vcpinfo, getvcp, setvcp, and dumpvcp. See documentation of the individual commands for details.

Option: --version

Displays ddcutil version information, then terminates execution.

Option: --settings

Report current option settings at the start of

Option: --help

Displays command help, then terminates execution.