Shared Library Changes for Release 1.4.0


This release contains a handful of changes, none of which affect backward compatibility. Consequently, the libddcutil SONAME is remains The full shared library names is In conformance with Debian practice, the package name is libddcutil4.

API changes

Changed Function Comments
ddca_set_sleep_multiplier  allow 0 as valid value, return -1.0 for invalid value
ddca_set_default_sleep_multiplier  allow 0 as valid value, return -1.0 for invalid value
ddca_enable_force_slave_address  re-enabled
ddca_is_force_slave_address_enabled  re-enabled


  • ddca_enable_force_slave_address() affects only the i2c-dev write()/read() interface, not the ioctl() interface.
  • The use of 0 as a sleep-multiplier value is very unlikely to work. It is permitted to allow for some unexpected API use.


  • Write additional error and trace messages to system log. (Whether any messages are actually written to the system log is controlled by configure options --enable-syslog, --disable-syslog. The default is --enable-syslog.