ddcui Command Line Options

Command line options of interest to general users:

Options passed to libddcutil

Option Comments
--sleep-multiplier=<number>   Sleep adjustment factor, can include decimal point, e.g. .1, 10
--ddc   Report DDC protocol and data errors to terminal
--nousb   Skip detection of monitors that communicate using USB
--udf   Enable User Defined Features (Default)
--noudf   Disable User Defined Features
--maxtries=<comma separated list>   Max try adjustment
--trace=<trace group name>   Group to trace
--trcfile=<file name>   File to trace
--trcfunc=<function name>   Function to trace (selected functions only)

Options both processed by ddcui and passed to libddcutil

Option Comments
--timestamp, --ts     Preface trace messages with timestamp
--thread-id, --tid     Preface trace messages with process id

The remaining options are processed solely by ddcui. They correspond to settings in the Options menu, or to the initial Model selection

Options that change the initial settings for the Feature Selection dialog:

Option Comments
--feature-set=<name>   Initial feature set to show
--custom-feature-set="<feature list>"
--only-capabilities   Restrict values to those in the capabilities string
--all-capabilities   Always include values in capabilities string
--show-unsupported   Report unsupported features in feature-set
--force-latest-nc-value-names   Take the names for NC values from the latest applicable MCCS spec

Note that --only-capabilities and all-capabiites are applicable in different contexts: - --only-capabilities applies when the feature group selected is MCCS, COLOR, MANUFACTURER - --all-capabilities applies when the feature group is MCCS

Features in the custom <feature list> are specified as 2 byte hex numbers, with or without leading "x" or trailing "h". To specify more than one feature, separate the feature codes by commas or blanks, and enclose the entire list in quotation marks. For example:

--feature-set "10 x12 14h"

Options that change the initial settings for the NC Values Source dialog:

Option Comments
--nc-values-source=<source>   Primary source of NC values: MCCS, Capabilities, Both

Options that change the initial settings for User Interface Options dialog:

Option Comments
--require-control-key   Control key must be pressed to move slider

Initial display selection:

Option Comments
--model=<model name>

Other options processed solely by ddcui

Option Comments
--styles   List available Qt styles
--style=style-name   Use the specified Qt style
--version, -V   Report version information