ddcui Release Notes


29 June 2020

Bug fixes:

  • The combo boxes for simple Non-Continuous values appeared empty instead of showing the current value and list of allowed values.


24 June 2020

Command Line Options

Several command line options have been added. See Command Line Options

User Defined (aka Custom) Feature Set

Custom feature sets enable the user to specify exactly which features are to be shown in the Features view.

Feature Slection Dialog changes:

  • Radio button Custom has been added as an alternative to MCCS, Capabilities, etc. for feature set selection.
  • When Custom is clicked, an edit box enables entry of the feature codes to be included. These are entered as two character hex values, with or without a leading "x' or trailing "h". The values are separated by commas and/or blanks.

Command line option --custom-feature-set specifies the custom feature set from the command line. For example:

$ddcutil --custom-feature-set "10 x12, 01h"