Shared Library Changes for Release 0.9.8


The libddcutil SONAME is now It was incremented because libddcutil 0.9.8 is not backward compatible with release 0.9.7. In conformance with Debian practice, the package name is now libddcutil2.

API Changes

Structs and Enums Change
enum DDCA_Trace_Group   added value DDCA_TRC_SLEEP to trace sleep operations
enum DDCA_Trace_Options   added DDCA_TRCOPT_TIMESTAMP: trace messages should show timestamps
enum DDCA_Trace_Options   added DDCA_TRCOPT_THREAD_ID trace messages should show thread id
struct DDCA_Feature_Metadata   added field vcp_version

Note: The change to struct DDCA_Feature_Metadata is not backward ABI compatible, resulting in the SONAME bump.

New Functions Comments
ddca_get_global_sleep_multiplier()   set sleep multiplication factor
ddca_set_glolbal_sleep_multiplier()   get sleep multiplication factor
ddca_set_trace_options()   set trace message options
ddca_dbgrpt_feature_metadata()   convenience function for clients

libddcutil Development Package

The libddcutil development package, named libddcutil-dev on some platforms and libddcutil-devel on others, has the following changes.

  • Package config file ddcutil.pc is now installed in directory /usr/share/pkgconfig. Previously it was installed in the ddcutil data directory, typically /usr/share/ddcutil/data, and left for the user to install in the proper location.
  • Cmake configuration file FindDDCUtil.cmake is now installed in /usr/share/cmake/Modules, not the ddcutil data directory (typically /usr/share/ddcutil/data), where it was left for the user to install in the proper location.