Table Features

Some VCP features are designated as type Table (T), as opposed to Continuous (C) or Non-Continuous (NC). Read and write requests for table features transmit blocks of data. In particular, LUT related features are of type Table.

ddcutil exposes table feature values as uninterpreted hex strings, e.g.

ddcutil setvcp 60 01020304F1F2FEFF

Table features support is currently implemented over DDC/CI, but has never been tested with an actual monitor.

To see the list of Table features, issue the command:

ddcutil vcpinfo table

Note that whether a feature is of type Table can vary with MCCS version. The ddcutil vcpinfo command tries to take this into account.

Code Feature Version Detail
60 Select Active Video Source Type NC in Versions 2.0 through 2.2
a4 Control Selected Window Operation Type NC in MCCS 2.0, T in 3.0, 2.2
b4 Host time mode Type NC in MCCS 2.0, 2.1, T in 3.0, 2.2
d0 Select Active Output Type T in MCCS 3.0, NC otherwise