Commands dumpvcp and loadvcp

These commands save and restore the current settings of color management related VCP features, i.e. those in group PROFILE.

Syntax: dumpvcp <display selection options> dumpvcp [<file name>]

If no file name is specified on dumpvcp*, output is written to stdout***.

VCP Feature values are written in the format described for the getvcp --terse option.

Syntax: loadvcp <display selection options> <file-name>

Normally, the display to which the settings are to be applied is taken from the VCP file. In rare cases, this will be insufficient to identify the display, in which the the display selection options are required. If specified, the display selected must be consistent with the identifiers stored in the VCP file.

Option: --noverify

See setvcp option --noverify

Option: --verbose

Display informational messages regarding verification.