Configuration File

Most ddcutil, libddcutil, and ddcui options, other than those for display or feature selection, can be specified in a configuration file. Originally, command line options for ddcutil, ddcui, and library libddcutil were specified in a single configuration file, ddcutilrc. As of release 2.0, ddcui command line options are specified in a separate configuration file, ddcuirc.

ddcutil first looks for file ddcutil/ddcutilrc (or ddcutil/ddcuirc) in the XDG_CONFIG_HOME directory, and then on the XDG_CONFIG_DIRS search path. Normally this resolves to $HOME/.config/ddcutil/ddcutilrc

ddcutilrc is a standard style INI file, It has the following sections:

Section name Purpose
[global]   Always apply
[ddcutil]   Applies to command ddcutil
[ddcui]   Applies to command ddcui
[libddcutil]   Used to configure shared library libddcutil

Within each section, key options specifies an option string.

Command options for monitor or feature selection cannot be specified.

For ddcutil and ddcui, the options string obtained from the configuration file is used to prefix the command line options.

For libddcutil, the option string is read directly when the shared library is initialized.

For example:

# This is a comment line

; Combined with all other options strings
options : --edid-read-size 256

   * This is a comment too
   options : --sleep-multiplier .5 --maxtries "3,5,3"

   ; And this is a comment.  Leading spaces in a line are ignored
   options: --noverify

Section names and keys are case insensitive