Technical Support

Please direct technical support questions, bug reports, and feature requests to the Issues Tracker on Github. Use of this forum allows everyone to benefit from individual questions and ideas.

When posting questions regarding ddcutil configuration, please execute the following command as root, capture its output in a file, and submit the output as an attachement.

$ ddcutil interrogate

Note: interrogate is a convenience command that wraps detect --verbose, environment --verbose, and (for each detected monitor) probe. There is no need to submit output of the individual commands if interrogate is executed.

Before running interrogate or environment, ensure that Linux command i2cdectect (typically found in package i2c-tools) is installed. i2cdetect provides an indepenent check of whether the DDC slave address (x37) is active on an I2C bus, and is used by interrogate or environment if available.

Because monitors that use USB for MCCS communication are rare, the extensive USB diagnostics are separated out into a separate command, usbenvironment, which is not packaged by interrogate.

$ ddcutil usbenvironment --verbose

See also: - interrogate command - environment command - usbenvironment command